Technogym announces the acquisition of a majority stake in Exerp

Technogym announces the acquisition of a majority stake in Exerp

 A partnership to complete the CONNECTED WELLNESS experience

Technogym, one of the leading companies in the international fitness and wellness market, today announced to have entered into a share purchase agreement for the acquisition of a majority stake in Exerp, a global digital specialist in fitness club member engagement software, based in Denmark.

The partnership between Technogym and Exerp strengthen the digital ecosystem and increases the company capability to offer fitness operators a complete solution to improve  the end user experience. The integration between Technogym’s mywellness cloud – the wellness lifestyle CRM – and the Exerp platform – one of the best fitness club ERP – completes the world’s first and only lifestyle management “open platform”, thanks to the integration of proprietary and third party apps, the most popular wearable devices and biometric tracking devices. The deal with Exerp fosters Technogym capability to ensure industry operators the possibility to define new business models to provide end users with new services, not only indoor, but also outdoor through an easy, engaging and seamless interface.

Exerp has developed a vast knowledge of the business requirements that underlie the operations of some of the world’s largest and most recognised fitness chains. The Exerp Platform aim is to transform operator’s businesses by reducing cost, promoting simplicity and fundamentally changing the way they interact with their members.

This deal confirms the Technogym commitment to digital innovation in the industry and strengthen our strategic approach toward solution selling to offer operators the opportunity to generate better profits and to enable end users to get better results in terms of fitness, sport and health” said Nerio Alessandri, Founder and CEO of Technogym and added “Moreover, the Technogym Ecosystem allows fitness clubs to shape new business models by connecting with insurances, corporate and medical operators

"We are really excited about this partnership with Technogym, which will allow Exerp to accelerate its global expansion, as well as foster innovative software solutions combining membership and training data. This will be essential to improve the customer journey and ultimately, the bottom line of our clients." said Remi Nodet, Exerp CEO.

The transaction closing is expected on April 8, 2016. Technogym will acquire a 50,01% stake of Exerp and will enter into a shareholders’ agreement with minority shareholders of Exerp and its management who will retain 30% ownership. The remaining 19,99% share is controlled by the founders and Exerp employees.