Technogym Bench - Giorgia Apreia
Mediterranean Pop


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Shapeless forms of different colors blend in a kaleidoscopic and joyful dance


Giorgia Apreia

Mediterranean Pop

A young designer born in Cilento, she moved to Milan when she was only eighteen, thanks to a scholarship in design. Her Mediterranean spirit continues to influence all of her projects. Since 2021, she is coordinator of the Prisma Project at Istituto Marangoni.

A "Mediterranean pop" vibe characterizes this Technogym Bench, in which shapeless forms of different  colors blend in a kaleidoscopic and joyful dance. The project is inspired by the tradition of crochet typical of southern Italy and reinterprets it in a modern way through the tufting technique. The textile pattern evokes the movement of light over Cilento's natural landscapes, the artist's homeland.