Technogym Bench - Tosin Tòròmádé
Àpótí Olà


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A pattern of symbols of the artist’s Nigerian heritage adorns this emblematic interpretation


Tosin Tòròmádé

Artist and educator born in Lagos, Nigeria, he works with photography, digital art, and film, pushing the boundaries of his practice by merging traditional and new media. Employing a unique blend of symbols and iconography, he captures the essence of humanity while addressing issues of existence and survival.

A pattern of symbols adorns this Technogym Bench, emblematic of the artist’s Nigerian heritage: a hand waving the country’s flag occupies the center of the artwork, surrounded by a network of pictograms inspired by “Nsibidi”, a proto-writing system developed by a secret society in the southeastern of Nigeria. The texture is crafted using the traditional "Adire Eleko," applying starch paste made from cassava flour.