Technogym Visio

Technogym Visio

Training sessions, guided exercise, and timers for any training space

Technogym Visio improves your training efficiency and efficacy thanks to a seamless and personalized training experience tailored to your needs, your preferences, and your lifestyle.

Touch and train

Experience seamless training with Technogym Visio, the touchscreen display created to offer training guidance and instant access to a vast library of engaging workouts, all just one tap away. 1. Select your workout using Technogym Visio’s filters.

2. Log in to Technogym Visio to track your data in the Technogym Ecosystem with the Technogym App.

3. Connect your heart rate monitor and pair your Bluetooth headphones to further enhance your training experience.


Ready for any place

No matter the facility type or business model, Technogym Visio is the right solution for all situations. It can transform any workout place into an engaging fitness experience with premium one-on-one training.


Record and upload your own content

Technogym Visio is a flexible and versatile tool that adapts the workout library to the equipment available. Thanks to Stream professional license, new facility-owned content can easily be added to any device.


A trainer’s best ally

Discover how Technogym Visio can level up the job of your personal trainer. While you get ongoing assistance thanks to the visual guide on the display, your coach can focus on giving feedback and boosting your motivation.

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