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Uniquely designed to harvest human energy to power the building’s energy grid, ARTIS not only boasts green credentials but the range also adds a stylish touch to any wellness space.

Unique energy harvesting technology

Our ARTIS equipment is available with energy harvesting technology in which human energy is fed directly into the building’s grid to help power the gym. No dedicated component, no extra wiring, and no extra costs needed. Each and every aspect of ARTIS is designed to add a stylish touch to any wellness space, and is the perfect solution for customers wanting a unique service experience.

Unique to this range

FullGravity Technology

FullGravity Technology is the only innovative technology that allows
 users to perform all movements, particularly push movements, without the interference between cable and forearm that traditionally occurs on cable machines.

Bodyprint system

All paddings are made from a special high-density foam that adapts anatomically to the shape of the body providing maximum comfort and a beneficial stabilising effect during exercise.

Optimal grip

The ergonomic design of the handgrips evenly distributes the load during push and pull movements. Surface finishing improves the grip and the notches on the grip act as a tactile and visual guide to achieving symmetrical hand positioning.

Featured ARTIS Products


ARTIS Run is state-of-the-art in treadmill technology that uses 30% less energy and is combined with innovative entertainment like the UNITY™ digital console.
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ARTIS Abductor

The specially designed ARTIS Abductor works the gluteus muscles in a safe and effective way from a Bodyprint system seat. Abductor is ideal for all types of users and sports professionals.
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ARTIS Multi Hip

The specially designed ARTIS Multi Hip specifically targets all the muscles in the hip and pelvis. And it has an extra wide support platform for exceptional stability.
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