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More room for fun with Forma, the cardio range designed to minimise space and maximise interaction and fun during training. 

Ergonomically designed for the home

Forma takes the characteristics created for the professional range and combines them with ergonomic details and safety systems suitable for the home. You can expect more safety and less maintenance. Each single detail from the sturdiness of the frame to the new iPad mount has been designed to make your workout safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable.


Unique to this range

Forma Training Link & App

Access your favourite content and keep track of your exercise with the Forma Training Link and App. Using Bluetooth, you can synchronise your machine with your iPad and to your Forma Training app helping you to check on your training no matter where you are.

Smooth Motion

Thanks to the Smooth Motion transmission belt, movement on the machines is always fluid and silent, letting you exercise whenever you want, at any time of day.

Natural running

The Smooth Running shock absorption system guarantees maximum safety for bones and joints, avoiding micro-traumas associated with road running. The powerful high-performance motor provides silent, fluid movement.


Featured Forma Products

Bike Forma

Train in the same way as you would on a racing bike with the Bike Forma. Created in the gym and designed with new professional biomechanics, Bike Forma offers you the same sensation as cycling on a road.
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Spazio Forma

Spazio Forma is the professional treadmill, which folds away into less than one square metre when not in use. Outstanding performance and functionality for a simple walk or a more intense run – and is perfect for any home.
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Synchro Forma

The Synchro Forma is the only professional cross trainer with a compact design that perfectly adapts to various home environments. And it’s perfect for a workout involving leg muscles and the upper body and burning a lot of calories.
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