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Kinesis is 3D movement by FullGravity Technoglogy. Kinesis combines functional training with traditional strength training to deliver a smoother progression and intuitive experience.

Free and without limitations

Experience Intuitive Functional Movement. Kinesis combines the benefits of functional training with the simplicity of more traditional strength equipment, allowing users to naturally progress from basic to advanced movement patterns. Thanks to the countless combinations of movements possible, it’s innovative attractive design and natural, intuitive user approach; users can experience superior training - free and without limitations – with Kinesis.

Unique to this range

FullGravity Technology

FullGravity Technology is the only innovative technology that allows
 users to perform all movements, particularly push movements, without the interference between cable and forearm that traditionally occurs on cable machines.

Kinesis®™ Visual Learning

The PC integrated software - the Kinesis®™ Wall with Kinesis®™ Visual Learning Software is an ideal training tool for easy consultation and visualisation of basic and advanced movements and introduction programme during a session.

WeKinesis community

WeKinesis is the free community for users of fitness facilities, personal trainers and owners of clubs who want to share content, experiences, functional training exercises and programmes online.


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Kinesis Overhead Press

Perform push movements on the frontal plane to improve your everyday fitness and sports fitness with the intuitive and stylishly designed Overhead Press.
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Kinesis One

Kinesis One has all the benefits of innovative Kinesis in a single, stand alone affordable station with hidden weight stacks and zero-impact exercise routines.
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