Corporate Wellness, Challenge Accepted at KPMG - London, UK

Professional Services Company KPMG has corporate wellness at the forefront of its strategy. As part of its commitment to employee wellbeing KPMG opened a state-of-the-art Technogym facility in Canada Square, Canary Wharf in April 2015.

As a leading blue chip company with a strong focus on improving employee wellbeing, KPMG’s investment had to be in the very best equipment, which would be able to increase employee engagement with their facility. With these objectives in mind, KPMG installed Technogym’s premium Artis and Pure Strength equipment ranges, accompanied by the market leading digital solution – mywellness cloud.


In the fast-paced environment of Canary Wharf the trainers at KPMG are using the Prescribe solution. This allows them to quickly and easily create truly personalised programmes on the exclusive iPad app for each of their members based on their individual fitness needs. Trainers are able to interact with their members in a unique way: offering a level of service previously unavailable to them, whilst also making the most efficient use of their time and maximising member interaction time.


Like many corporate settings, Canary Wharf is a highly competitive environment. KPMG’s investment in the Challenge solution – a Technogym app which allows facilities to create interactive challenges for their members – allowing them to harness this competitiveness to successfully engage members. Staff at the facility initiated a team challenge to coincide with the Rugby World Cup between 18th September and 31st October 2015. Each fitness instructor led a different team and actively recruited members to represent their chosen country. Members then worked as a team to log as many moves as possible to win the top prize. 43% of the active member base got involved and participants burnt an impressive total of 128,785 calories. Since launching the challenge the number of active members in the club increased by 25% between the months of August and October. Last but not least there was an increase up 30% in outdoor activity tracking by members who joined the challenge.


“The Rugby World Cup Challenge was a real success with our members. It tuned into our members’ competitive natures and allowed for greater interaction between members and staff. We saw a significant increase in member usage during this period.” Jon Booker, General Manager The staff once again used the iPads to further effect by displaying the challenge leader board on the front desk to engage members as they entered the facility. Whilst in the gym, members could access the leader board via the UNITY console on all cardio equipment in the gym. They were also able to keep track of their team’s performance at any time outside of the facility by using the mywellness app. Jon adds: “Members were tracking their activity in and out of the gym using the mywellness app, which increased their motivation to be more physically active in all aspects of their life. After the success of the Rugby World Cup Challenge we’re keen to make challenges a regular event. There’s already a buzz about the next challenge: Chase the Turkey!”