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Что делает его уникальным

What's included

SkillX offers the opportunity to redefine gym floor spaces by shaping a truly attractive high-intensity functional area. *


1. Skill Line

With Skillmill®, Skillrow® and Skillbike®, you can train Power, Agility, Stamina, and Speed thanks to the Multidrive Technology™

2. Olympic Half Rack

The Racks allow us to train fundamental movements such as squats and pull-ups.

3. Skilltools and storage

Trainers can create more diversified routines by working on the different physical skills.

4. Plyo boxes

The boxes enable plyometric exercises like jumping up and down and other dynamic movements.

5. mywellness kiosk and class antenna

A dedicated kiosk where trainers can manage the class and control the external screen views. The Class Antenna connects multiple HR bands to the kiosk.

6. Skillx and HIIT classes license

It enables trainers to create classes with ClassBuilder and deliver training content. Teambeats pro app shows exercise videos, timers, countdown, and heart rate values for each partecipant.

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От фитнеса до езды на велосипеде, от бега до высокоинтенсивных тренировок , Club 4.0 - это новая концепция, сочетающая разнообразие фитнес-клуба и мотивацию фитнес-бутика. В нём найдётся что-то для каждого и он будет привлекать и удерживать любителей тренировок, предлагая им бесконечно разнообразные впечатления.


* External large screens are not provided within the bundle of SkillX.