No worries, keep training.

No worries, keep training.

Technogym Care

Enjoy peace of mind for 4 years

Technogym Care extends the 2-year legal warranty for 2 more years and adds additional benefits. If you need our help, our widespread network of highly skilled, certified technicians will provide you with prompt assistance (within 48 hours). With Technogym Care your training will become a completely seamless experience.

Peace of mind for 4 years

With Technogym Care Plus, you get: 4 years* of callouts, labor, spare parts for repair, and wear and tear parts included.

Ready to help you

Technical Service features Technogym Certified Technicians who really know your equipment.

Extended Field Service Hours 8 am - 9 pm

Plan service at your home when it’s most convenient. Technogym Care gives you access to service from 8 am to 9 pm.**

On-time scheduling

Book an appointment with our technicians in a 2-hour window.

Faster, safer, better

Get at-home technical service from our certified network within one business day***

Periodic Checkups

We’ll make courtesy calls to check on the first year of your training experience

We keep you posted

You’ll be the first to know about our new products and services, and our experts’ useful tips.
  • *2-year legal warranty + 2 years.

  • **Refer to terms and conditions for details.

  • ***Within a maximum of 48 hours

Do you need technical assistance?

If you are looking for technical support, spare parts, or technical information for Technogym equipment, follow the link below.