All you need to know about Spazio Forma™

Are you thinking of purchasing Spazio Forma™ but still have some doubts? Here are the most frequent questions we receive every day from people who, like you, are interested in continuing to exercise at home.

What happens if the equipment breaks down?

All our products are dependable and built with durable materials; they are covered by a two-year guarantee.
However, Technogym has a support service operating throughout Uk, ready to respond within 48 hours.

I do not have much space at home. What can I do?

One square metre is enough to be able to work out easily in your home with Wellness System™.

Is it easy to fold away or do you need quite a lot of physical strength?

It has a power-assisted mechanism that permits you to easily fold it away, without any effort and perfectly safely.

Is it noisy while I am working out?

The only noise is that of the treadmill motor (lower than the average for equivalent equipment offered on the market).
To further deaden the noise, we recommend placing a rug under the treadmill when you use it.

Can I work out without any risk?

Certainly, since it is a professional product, it is safe and reliable.

Whether you have little or sufficient space at home, because of its limited size, you can putWellness System™ anywhere in your home. Even in your bedroom or living room, perhaps even in front of the television set, so you can make your workouts more enjoyable.

Discover the Wellness Corner solution, devoted to those who do not have much space at home but who do not want to go without working out.
This solution combines Wellness System™ with a Wellness Ball™, perfect for abdominal crunches and strengthening your glutei and a Wellness Pad for stretching or a Wellness Rack for strength training.

If on the contrary, space is not a problem for you, Technogym offers you the Wellness Spacesolution, for areas from 10 to 50 sq. m.
In this case, Wellness System™ can very easily be coupled with Unica for complete strength training or with a Kinesis® Personal for functional training.